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Australian men set to impress in Antwerp

Monday, 30 September 2013

The 44th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships begin today in Antwerp, Belgium!

The World Championships kick off with the qualification rounds beginning at 10.00am local time (6pm AEST). Australia will have three male gymnasts taking to the competition floor to fly our flag.

With standards set very high for qualification to make the Australian team Luke Wiwatowski was selected to compete on Horizontal Bar, Floor and Parallel Bars. Prashanth Sellathurai is still regarded as one of the top Pommel Horse workers in the world and will compete only on this apparatus and Naoya Tsukahara will compete in the All Around competition.

Naoya has also submitted two new skills on Rings to the FIG for consideration for value and also naming. Both skills have been valued as an 'E' and if Tsukahara performs these elements at the World Championships they should be named after him. The two new elements that Naoya has submitted are:

Element One
• Salto forward piked between the rings directly to V Cross (2 sec.)
• E value (Element Group III)

Element Two
• Li Ning 2 to V Cross (2 sec.)
• E value (Element Group III)

A total of 16 new skills have been submitted for classification at the 2013 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. For a full list of the elements which have been submitted, visit the event microsite.

With the qualification requirements set at such a high standard just to make the team, it is possible all three Australian athletes will progress through to the finals. Being an Individual World Championships the format is different to a Team World Championships and as a result not all three Australian athletes will be on the competition floor at the same time.

To follow the progress of each of the Australian gymnastics refer to the information below:

Naoya Tsukahara: Sub Division I, Monday 30th Sept, 10am local Antwerp time. Naoya starts on Floor Exercise and is 3rd up in the 1st rotation. His bib number is 313.
Luke Wiwatowski: Sub Division IV, Tuesday 1st Oct, 10am local Antwerp time. Luke starts on Parallel Bars and is 1st to compete in this rotation. His bib number is 314.
Prashanth Sellathurai: Also in Sub Division IV, Tuesday 1st Oct, 11.15am local Antwerp time. Prashanth is only competing Pommel Horse and is 5th up in this rotation wearing bib number 561.

How to follow the event! To stay up to date with all of the latest news from the event, be sure to check out the following:
º FIG Event Microsite -
º Programme -
º Official hashtags -  #FIG2013Antwerp #WChAntwerp
º FIG Facebook photo gallery -
º Event Facebook page - 
º FIG Photos -
º FIG YouTube channel -

Good luck to our Aussie gymnasts and get behind them on the GA Facebook page!

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