Regional Club Champion Award

The Regional Club Champion Award for 2017 will be conducted in all regions throughout Qld. The following events will comprise the Award in each Region. At this stage some Regions don’t have 3 events scheduled within their region. Once additional events have been scheduled, they will be confirmed as being part of the Regional Club Champion Award. 

For clubs to be eligible for the Regional Club Champion Award, they must:
  • Nominate for the Award by completing the form below and returning to the WAG Gymsport Administrator, Rebecca Carter, by Wednesday 17th May 2017.
  • Have conducted a sanctioned event within the preceding 12 months of the 2017 Junior Regionals (for that particular region).
- If a club doesn’t have the capacity to conduct a sanctioned event, they must assist in conducting one of the identified events within their region listed above. This will by way of providing a volunteer for each session of one of the nominated events to assist in one of the areas of Equipment, Scoring, or Floor managing If you have any questions, particularly in relation to providing a volunteer for an event, please contact WAG Gymsport Manager, Trisha Hade, on 0418 874 744 or

WAG Regional Club Champion Award nomination form 2017