20 April 2017

Level 6 Border Challenge Selection process

Any gymnasts wishing to be eligible for selection into the WAG Level 6 Qld Border Challenge Team are required to be nominated by their clubs using the Nomination Form.
The Level 6 Border Challenge Team in 2017 will be selected through a video review process, whereby gymnasts wishing to be considered for selection will be videoed at one of the following events on 3rd & 4th June:
SEQ                     Premier Invitational
NQ                 Townsville Junior Challenge
CQ/FNQ           Club control test    
Clubs located in the CQ and FNQ regions wishing to have gymnasts considered for selection, will need to arrange a control test on the weekend of 3rd & 4th June.  They will need to have an independently qualified judge attend the Control Test to “oversee” the proceedings.  This judge will also judge the routine.  This score won’t be used for selection, but will be used as a guide only.  Clubs need to inform Trisha Hade who the independent judge attending their control test will be by Wednesday 24th May 2017.
Each club will be responsible for videoing their own gymnasts at the nominated event (including the SEQ & NQ events).  The videoed routines will need to be submitted to Rebecca Carter by Tuesday 6th June.  Further information on the protocols for the videoing will be made available later.
The videoed routines will then be judged by an independent panel of judges to determine the scores and select the team once all events have been conducted. 
It is requested that only those gymnasts who are fully committed to attending and competing at Border Challenge in Caloundra on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th June are nominated for the video assessment.  There is no fee payable for this nomination.
Please return nomination forms to Rebecca Carter by Friday 19th May.  If coaches have any questions, please contact WAG Program Manager, Trisha Hade.


Reminder to all clubs that the SMC is always willing to receive feedback from the community. All regional areas have a dedicated SMC representative in their area:
Tracy Hogan - Central Queensland
Kristen Flores - North Queensland
Kaylin Norris - Far North Queensland
Trevor Dowdell - General Member
John Mitchell - General Member
Nicki Robbins - Judging Coordinator
Trisha Hade - Sports Program Manager
Jane Wilson - Chair
The SMC meets monthly and are always happy to receive feedback and ideas from the community. Please feel free to contact your local SMC representative at any stage if you have anything to discuss.