23 February 2017

News from the National Commission - Judge accreditation updates

As preparation begins for your State Teams’ officials selection for the 2017 Australian Championships the National Commission is providing an update on the judge requirements this year as we transition to the 2017-2020 Code of Points.

  • The Australian Championships will be the first event in Australia to operate under the 2017-2020 Code of Points
  • All qualification competitions for the 2017 Australian Championships must be held under the 2013-2016 Code of Points
  • There will be a Compulsory Update for all judges held the day prior to the Australian Championships on Tuesday 30 May. Any judges judging at this event (and any other judges of any qualification level that are available) MUST attend
  • This update will be run three times on the 30th - Preliminary times for the updates are 9am, 1pm and 6:30pm - judges must attend one of these updates for the full duration (estimated 3 - 3.5 hours).
  • There will also be the standard Judges briefing (estimated time 4:30 - 6pm) that judges must attend.
Following the Australian Championships, any State Judges who are also Presenter/Assessors will be able to run the update in their State to update any judges with a qualification in the 2013-2016 Cycle in order to maintain their current judge accreditation level.

Full judges course updates will commence in late 2017 and throughout 2018 in line with a broader Judge Education revamp coordinated by Gymnastics Australia.

Please ensure all judges are familiar with the 2017-2020 Code of Points available on the FIG website prior to attending the Australian Championships Update.

If you have any questions please contact your State Judging Coordinator or the National Commission-TRP.

Relief Coaches & Proxy Judges

If you wish to be on a state database, please complete the nomination forms which can now be found on the Gymnastics QLD website>Jobs.
Or if your club wishes to access the database, please see the following steps:

1.       Log into the club GOL login
2.       Click on your name in the top right hand corner
3.       Click ‘Club admin home’ on the left hand side of screen
4.       Click on the ‘resources’ tab

You are now in the Club 10 area, if you scroll down you will see a link named ‘Click here to access QLD specific resources’.