15 June 2017

GymMix Online Lesson Planner launched

Gymnastics Australia is excited to announce that the GymMix Online Lesson Planner is now live.

What is the GymMix Lesson Planner?

The GymMix Lesson Planner assists club coaches and teachers to deliver quality recreational level gymnastics programs providing participants with the skills to enjoy gymnastics in both clubs and schools.

The GymMix Lesson Planner website is:
  • An innovative Lesson Plan builder that progressively builds safe and challenging gymnastics lessons:
  • Drawing from over 1000 pre-selected games, activities and skills.
  • Offering the ability to print, edit, clone and save your lesson plans for record keeping and future use.
  • Providing A4 activity cards that can be printed separately and placed at various stations around the gym floor.
Who can access the GymMix Lesson Planner?
The GymMix Lesson planner will be offered to the following subscribers:
  • As a new FREE ongoing benefit for all current GA Technical members
  • To all Teachers who have completed an Ignite course - (12 months subscription)
  • To all Sporting School contacts – (12 months subscription)
How do users access the GymMix Lesson Planner?
  • After logging into Gymnastics Online (GOL), all subscribers will be able to see the GymMix tab.
  • Once in the GymMix tab, the user needs to click on the Open GymMix button
  • The GymMix Lesson Planner will open in a new tab in the user’s browser.
How will users receive a login to Gymnastics Online (GOL)?
Any existing subscribers who do not have a login to Gymnastics Online (GOL) already, will be sent an email advising of their login and user name.
Are any support resources available?
If you have any queries or require any support, please contact