15 August  2019

Reminder –  Upcoming MAG Courses 

Don’t miss out on enrolling in the following upcoming courses:
31 August                              MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM Advanced Tumbling & Spring (Module 1) (Bundaberg) Closes Tuesday!
31 August & 1 September      MAG Advanced Coaches Course (Bundaberg) Closes Tuesday!
15 September                            MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM Advanced Tumbling & Spring (Module 1) (BNE)
5 & 6 October              MAG Intermediate Bronze Judges Course (BNE)
6 October                                   MAG Intermediate Coaches Course (BNE)
See the GQ Education Calendar for more details. All enrolments are processed via the Learning Management System(LMS).  All late enrolments are subject to availability and incur a 25 % late enrolment fee.