World Cup Cheer and Dance aims to promote the sports of cheer and dance to Australia and the Asia/Pacific Region in such a way as for people to be inspired and excited by the opportunities they present for today's young adults, teens and youth.

At WCCD we are all about providing the ultimate competition experience, a high level of safety, all supported by an ongoing professional development program. So, whether you are a pure Cheer team, dance or gymnastics squad, school team or just enjoy any element of Cheerleading the WCCD event series is for you.
World Cup Cheer and Dance provides the ideal events for your exhibition, cheer or dance team to shine!
You spend countless hours preparing your teams, choreographing routines and practising your skills so WCCD is the perfect place to showcase your hard work.
Events are open to all types of teams including: gymnastic teams, school or clubs and cheer and dance studios.
Whether your teams are beginners or seasoned performers, World Cup Cheer and Dance has a section just for you! At all WCCD events we give out Athlete Gifts, Medals for all places and 1st to 3rd trophies in each section.
- Membership and Insurance
- Athlete Workshops
- Routine Choreography
- Coaching Courses
- Judging Courses
- Coaching Assistance
- How to start a team

For more information please contact

Nathalie Casalaina

(07) 3393 1666

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