20 April 2017

ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS National & FIG Updates of Importance

Please find two important recent publications that competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics should be aware of:
  • National Commision Update - March.   Click here to access
  • FIG newsletter for March. Click here to access 
Please take note of the numerous changes by hand and place into your printed copies at this point.  Whilst this may re-printed at some point, competition season has begun, so best to be prepared.

For clubs developing International groups and/or L8-10,  please pay attention to: 
  • the limitations on aerials front and side NOT being accepted as saltos for combined routines within Australia 
  • The new minimum difficulty levels being set, as these may impact your programs.
Please also be aware of New Clarifications now in place: 
  • On accepted technique of mounts to low and push immediately to high is now accepted
  • In Pair Dynamic, Toe-Pitch is now NOT considered the same as the other boosts from the floor.  So you can do 3 of these now within limits AND other start positions from the floor.