23 January 2017


1) Leotards for 2017-2020.  There are new rules for this year, as it’s the start of a new cycle.  Do not assume that a leotard meets these rules just because it did not attract any penalties in 2016.  The rules are contained in the Code of Points (Article 4 and Appendix 5).  These are VERY clear and detailed with pictured examples. Coaches, Judges, parents and athletes who are involved in finding and ordering leotards you MUST READ THE RULES. 

The message from the FIG Technical committee was: “if you have to ask about a leotard, then you already know, the answer is no”. Do not push boundaries on leotards, it’s not worth a 0.3-0.5 penalty.  Instead, pick something beautiful and focus on skills.  
2) Individual elements are judged now with a maximum of 1.0 deduction per element across ALL partner’s elements at the same time.  So, when constructing routines, put everyone’s ‘weakest’ element TOGETHER and you’ll have a higher execution score. eg. all tumble front salto, 1 person falls so the deduction is 1.0. All tumble front salto, all 3 people fall.  Deduction is 1.0. 

 3) Level 6+ Women’s Groups (optional routines): there was some doubt as to what was allowed.  It is now confirmed, you CAN have multiple base positions from the same "box” within the Tables of Difficulty, and all work of the top will receive credit.  Only the highest base position will receive any credit, however, and of course, no transition values would apply as the box does not change. 

 4) The timing of dynamic exercises is reduced to 2 mins except for level 6 - 10 which is 2min 30 sec.

 5)Level 6+ Dynamic - EVERYONE is limited now to only 3 horizontal catch positions.  This means ALL positions where rotation ends at the horizontal.  And more than 3 will not receive any difficulty credit. 

 6) L8-10 and international stream: Music with lyrics:- I would strongly advise against using lyrics unless you have a choreographer skilled at creating lyrical composition.  the few examples seen so far, have resulted in a much lower artistry score, than what they may have received otherwise, due to the increased complexity of successful ‘musicality’ under the current artistry rules.  

 7) Facial expression is now simply ‘part of’ Expression. It is not singled out a a separate requirement for routines.  We have been very clearly told to not use the “O” mouth face expression anymore.  It is not real expression, it is theatrical.  It will not win you any points in expression

National Level 4 - 10 Program & Australian Technical Regulations

Just a quick note to let our Clubs know that the ACR ALP 2014 – 2018 Version 3.0 is available complimentary through Gymnastics Online - Member Benefits, to Technical Members and through the GymShop for purchase.
Also available are the 2017 Technical Regulations, which can be accessed via the Gymnastics Australia website. 

Judges Courses 2017

We would like to recognise the below judges who were selected to attend either the intercontinental or continental FIG judges courses from QLD. Catherine Buck has already completed the exam and will receive her results soon. We wish all of the others the best of luck as they are to complete theirs next week. If you see them around please wish them LUCK!

Catherine Buck
Jennifer Rowland
Melissa Arkell
Mariya Stepchenkov
Serge Sharapayeu
Arlen Rowe

All judges will need to re accredit this year. More information will be available after the new courses have been written.