Gymnastics Queensland has a number of core operating policies in place to ensure that its day-to-day activities are coordinated and conducted in ways that are fair, impartial and consistent. Organisational policies reflect and clarify the values and beliefs considered important by Gymnastics Queensland whilst also reflecting current National & State Legislation.  Please find below links to current Gymnastics Queensland Policies for your reference.

For further information on any Gymnastics Queensland policy please make contact with our Club Services Manager on (07) 3036 5605 or Email: tmuirhead@gymqld.org.au


GQPOL01     Member Protection Policy
GQPOL02     Child Safe Policy
GQPOL03     Risk Management Policy
GQPOL04     Privacy Policy
GQPOL05     Social Media Acceptable Use Policy
GQPOL06     Sun Protection Policy
GQPOL07     Inclusion Policy
GQPOL08     GA Anti-Doping Policy
GQPOL09     GA Anti-Match-Fixing Policy
GQPOL10     Recorded Images Policy
GQPOL10     Appendix A - Recorded Images Notice to Parents
GQPOL10     Appendix B - Recorded Images Request Form
GQPOL10     Appendix C - Consent to Publication of Imagery
GQPOL10     Appendix D - Guidelines on the Use of Images of Children
GQPOL10     Appendix E - Permitted and Non Permitted Lenses