15 August 2019

2019 MAG & WAG Junior State Championships

Please click here for the DRAFT Schedule for the 2019 Junior State Championships coming up at the end of September.

We will not have any further information on divisions and times until entries close on the 30th August 2019. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact

Upcoming State Championships Reminder

2019 ACR, AER, RG & TRP State Championships Venue: Gold Coast Sport and Leisure Centre Date: 16th-18th August 2019    Schedule: CLICK HERE   Tickets:

Photography at QLD ACR, AER, RG AND TRP Championships

We are excited to be welcoming Medal Shots as the official photographer for the 2019 QLD ACR, AER, RG AND TRP Championships. More information will be released prior to the event.

2019 ACR, AER, RG & TRP State Championships Volunteer Form

Please see below the steps to follow to input your clubs volunteers for this event. We will be keeping the volunteer schedule open as it is a continuously updating document.

FIRST IN FIRST SERVED - Only the first submitted name for a role appears. If any of your submitted names don't appear, you need to submit another form to allocate them a new vacant role.
1. Click the relevant link –
RG   ONLINE Volunteer Form
TRP ONLINE Volunteer Form
ACR ONLINE Volunteer Form
AER ONLINE Volunteer Form
2. Select your club from the dropdown box (if your club is not listed please email us and we will add it).
3. On the ClubEntryPage tab, HOVER OVER the words ‘CLICK HERE TO REGISTER VOLUNTEERS’ and click the link that appears above (https://docs.g...)
4. Log in with your email and your club name and fill in the positions on the google form that you wish to fill and submit by following the steps in the form.
5. If you would like to make sure the volunteers have been entered please go to the Volunteer List tab and hover over ‘CLICK HERE REVIEW THE VOLUNTEERS’ and click the link that appears above.
6. Any questions please contact 

All clubs are to supply volunteers for the event, as per the event entry form. Failure to supply volunteers for Category 1 Events will result in a proxy fine $50 / session.  Volunteers are required each session you have competitors.  We ask that clubs ensure their volunteers are available for the nominated sessions.  Without the assistance of club volunteers we are not able to conduct these events successfully and in a timely manner.

Below is some information that the volunteers will find helpful on the day:
- Please make yourself known as a volunteer upon entry as you will not incur the spectator’s entry fee for that session.
- Upon entry you will collect your volunteer badge/vest and will be directed to the designated meeting spot which will be the announcers table down on the competition floor.
Please ensure all runners for the event have closed in footwear on.

Change of Gymsport Regulations and Event Sanction Policy

The rules and conditions of the penalties can be found in the Gymsport Regulations and Event Sanctioning Documentation. The penalties will be enforced for all Sanctioned Events in 2019. This was advertised in the August Events Newsletter dated 7th August.

As stated in the policy;
      “A $20.00 fee will be incurred for each unregistered gymnast, coach and judge listed on the nomination form. Judges and Coaches must be registered from time of nomination right through to the conclusion of the event.” 

The above penalty will be invoiced to clubs for all Athlete and Technical Member Registrations after GYM QLD have confirmed their current status of their GA IMIS expiry date.
Checks are completed once the clubs have submitted their event entries to GQ office.  


Event forms can be easily found on the GQ Events Printable Calendar. Any relevant forms for an event will be found in the event Google Drive folder, these include; entry forms, flyers, schedule and results. To access these forms follow these steps:
  • Open the GQ Events Printable Calendar (Second option on the event drop down list)
  • Scroll down to the event
  • Scroll across to the ‘event forms’ column of the event
  • Click on the google drive link

2019 Printable Calendar 

Click below for the 2019 Printable Calendar:
2019 Printable Calendar

2019 Category 1&2 Entry Fees 

Click below for the 2019 Category 1&2 Entry Fees:
Category 1 & 2 Entry Fees

Upcoming Events

16th -18th 2019 QLD AER/ACR/RG/TRP State Championships- Gold Coast Sport and Leisure Centre
17th-18th WAG/MAG Wide Bay Invitational- Wide Bay Gymnastics
17th-18th WAG/MAG NQ Junior Regionals- Mackay Gymnastics
17th-18th GFA Performance Event (Team Gym & Free G)- Mackay Gymnastics
17th-18th WAG BN Junior Regionals- Delta Gymnastics Brisbane 
17th-18th WAG/MAG DD Junior Regionals- Warwick Gymnastics Club
17th-18th MAG BN Junior Regionals- Albany Creek Gymnastics Club
24th-25th WAG SSC Junior Regionals - Maroochy Beach Gymnastics 
24th-25th MAG BS & GC Junior Regionals - Gold Coast Gymnastics
24th-25th WAG GC Junior Regionals - Gold Coast Gymnastics
24th-25th WAG/MAG Hughenden Invitational- Hughenden Gymnastics Club
24th-25th MAG Yeppoon Invitational - Yeppoon Gymnastics
31st- 1st WAG/MAG Townsville Invitational & Grand Prix- Gymnastics Townsville
7th-8th RG State Clubs Multiples/ Primary Schools Competition- Rivercity Gymnastics Academy 
8th TRP CQ Championships (CQIC 3)- Victoria Park Gymnastics and Trampoline Club
15th WAG Delta Junior Classic- Delta Brisbane
27th-1st 2019 WAG/MAG Junior State Championships- Sleeman Sports Complex