21 June 2018

2018 Education Calendar - Update

Changes are made weekly to the Education Calendar so please ensure you check regularly. Some recent changes include:
  • Venue Change - RG Advanced Judges Course - BNE 30 June & 1 July
  • Cancelled - ACR Beginner Judges Course - BNE - 1 July

Reminder – Upcoming Courses

Don’t miss out on enrolling in the following upcoming courses: 
  • WAG Beginner Judges Course - Emerald - 6 July Closes Tuesday!
  • WAG Beginner Judges Course - Mackay - 6 July Closes Tuesday!
  • MAG Beginner/Intermediate Judges Course - Townsville - 7 & 8 July Closes Tuesday!
  • WAG Intermediate Judges Course - BNE - 7 & 8 July Closes Tuesday!
  • WAG Intermediate Judges Course - Emerald - 7 & 8 July Closes Tuesday!
  • WAG Intermediate Judges Course - Mackay- 7 & 8 July Closes Tuesday!
  • MAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Gladstone - 14 July
  • WAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Gladstone - 14 July
  • ACR Intermediate Coaches Course - Gladstone - 14 July
  • RG Intermediate Coaches Course - BNE - 14 July
  • TUM & TRP Intermediate Coaches Course - BNE - 14 & 15 July
  • MAG Intermediate Coaches Course - BNE - 15 July
  • WAG Intermediate Coaches Course - BNE - 15 July
  • ACR Intermediate Coaches Course - BNE - 15 July
  • Beginner Coaches Course - BNE - 22 July
  • MAG Intermediate Bronze Judges Course - BNE - 28 & 29 July
  • WAG Beginner Judges Course - BNE - 29 July
  • ACR Advance Coaches Course Mod 2-4 - BNE - 12 August 

Have you taken advantage of your Club’s 2018 Education Course Discounts? 

With a large number of Intermediate Coaches Courses scheduled in the August now is a great time to use these to up-skill your Beginner Coaches.

Vouchers are valid for Online Intermediate Coaches Courses. Please contact Gymnastics Australia at to redeem.

Judges Course Exemptions

Some candidates may be eligible for an exemption from attending the beginner and/or a higher level of judges course. 

Click HERE If you wish to apply for an exemption using the the Judges Course Exemption Form.

When submitting a judges course exemption we ask that you please allow sufficient time for your application to be assessed by the relevant sports management committee (SMC). We recommend submitting exemption applications 2 weeks prior to the closing date of the course. Your judges course application form can only be accepted and processed once the exemption application is approved.

Hint & Tips:
  • Give detailed information on why you believe you hold the skill set to be exempt from the beginner/higher judges course. 
  • Where possible supply evidence to support your application.
  • Consider your age and experience. For example, if applying for an exemption from the beginner course, and you wish to gain an intermediate accreditation, it would be expected that an intermediate judge could act as the head judge on a panel. This requires maturity and strong inter-personal skills. 
  • Access to a mentor who holds a high level of judging accreditation and regularly judges would be advantageous.
  • Athletes/ex athletes do not automatically receive exemption from the beginner judges course. It is necessary to detail additional information, as listed above and on the application form.

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Club Rewards Draw Details 

Clubs Rewards Draw promotion commences: April 16
Club Rewards Draw promotion concludes: Sept 30

Terms and conditions

The Club Rewards Draw promotion draw is conducted by Gymnastics Queensland
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The prizes in the draw are valued at $3,500
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