17 April 2019

2019 Education Calendar - Update

Changes are made weekly to the Education Calendar so please ensure you check regularly.
Some recent changes include:
  • Cancelled - MAG Advanced Coaches Course - Mareeba - 27 & 28 April
  • Cancelled - WAG Advanced Judges Course - Rockhampton - 27 & 28 April
  • Venue Changed- WAG Advanced Coaches Course-Mareeba-27& 28 April
  • Time Change - WAG Intermediate Judges Course - BNE - 11 & 12 May
  • Venue Changed- Beginner Coaches Course-BNE-19 May

Reminder – Upcoming Courses

Don’t miss out on enrolling in the following upcoming courses:
  • MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM Advanced Tumbling & Spring (Module 1) - Mareeba - 27 April
  • WAG Advanced Coaches Course- Mareeba and South Cairns – 27 & 28 April 
  • Step into GfA weekend - Bundaberg PCYC - 27 & 28 April 
  • Beginner Coaches Course - BNE - 28 April 
  • WAG Intermediate Coaches Course – Mackay – 28 April 
  • WAG Beginner Judges Course-Mackay- 3 May Closes Tuesday!
  • MAG Beginner/Intermediate Judges Course - Townsville - 4 & 5 May Closes Tuesday!
  • WAG Intermediate Judges Course - Mackay - 4 & 5 May Closes Tuesday!
  • MAG/WAG/GfA/ACR/TUM Advanced Tumbling & Spring (Module 1) - BNE - 5 May Closes Tuesday!
  • RG Intermediate Coaches Course – Brisbane – 11thMay
  • WAG Intermediate Judges Course – BNE – 11 & 12 May
  • RG Beginner Judges Course – BNE – 12th May
  • MAG Advanced and Advanced Silver Judges Course - Melbourne – 18 & 19 May 
  • MAG Beginner/Intermediate Judges Course – Darling Downs – 18 & 19 May
  • Step into GfA weekend - Mackay - 18 & 19 May
  • Beginner Coaches Course – SC- 19 May 

How to Enrol in MAG Advanced Silver Judges Course:

1. Go to the Gymnastics Australia website by visiting

2. In the top right-hand corner of the window, click Sign In this will take you to the sign in page. You will now need to sign in using your Technical Member ID as your username, and your Gymnastics Australia password. If you have forgotten your password, please contact

3. Once you have signed in, click the top right-hand corner on the Hi, Your Name link to access your Gymnastics Australia account.

4. On the right side of the My Account page, under Handy Links click Go to the LMS

5. You will then be taken to your LMS account, no sign in will be required.

6. Once you have logged into the Gymnastics Australia LMS, click Browse Catalog on the LMS dashboard, you can also click the magnifying glass if the menu sidebar is visible.

7. Click on Enrol in a Judge Accreditation Pathway and select .
NOTE: If you are unable to see any Advanced Silver Accreditation Pathways, please fill out and your previous judging accreditations will be added for you.

8. Find the Advanced Silver MAG Judging Accreditation Pathway and select Choose Path.

9. There will only be one path you can choose, GA Advanced Silver MAG Judge Accreditation. You’ll need to hover over the Pathway icon and click when this icon changes to a Shopping Cart. This will add your accreditation pathway to your Shopping Cart.

10. Once the pathway has been added to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon in the top right-hand corner of the LMS.

11. In the Shopping Cart, click the link to SECURE CHECKOUT.
12. Now, complete your free purchase of your Judging Accreditation Pathway. You will need to make sure your billing information is correct and all necessary information has been entered. Click Proceed to Payment.

13. You have now enrolled in the chosen Judging Accreditation Pathway.