19 May 2017

Reminder – Upcoming Courses

Don’t miss out on enrolling in the following upcoming courses:
  • WAG Beginner Judges Course - Cairns - 26 May Closes Today - Enrol Now! 
  • WAG Intermediate Judges Course - Cairns - 27 & 28 May  Closes Today - Enrol Now! 
  • MAG Beginner/Intermediate Judges Course - Mareeba - 3 & 4 June
  • MAG Beginner/Intermediate Judges Course - BNE - 3 & 4 June
  • MAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Mackay - 3 & 4 June
  • WAG Intermediate Coaches Course - Mackay - 4 June
Don’t forget enrolments are taken on a first in, first served basis up to the course maximum number (usually 20).

Enrolments received after the closing date incur a 25% late fee. Closing dates for courses are located on the Education Calendar

July Advanced Coaches Course Enrolment Deadlines

For coaches wishing to enrol in the full Advanced Coaches Courses during Education Week, GQ strongly recommends the following deadlines:
  • Thursday, 1st June - Upload all documents for all assessment tasks required.
  • Wednesday, 14th June - Enrol into F2F course
All Advanced Coaches Course assessment items are marked by GA’s independent assessors so please submit your assessments as early as possible to allow yourself enough time to resubmit work if required.  Coaches can submit assessments after 1st June.  However, the assessment items may NOT be marked in time to enrol by 15th June.  No late enrolments will be accepted for the Advanced Coaches Courses.

Click HERE for more detailed information on what assessment items are required for the Advanced Coaches Courses.

Coaches wishing to enrol in the Advanced Tumbling & Spring (Module 1) course only should upload the  required Spotting Logbook by Friday, 9th June.  Enrolments for this course close on Thursday, 22nd June.