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Emerging stars to compete at AYOF 2013

Monday, 19 November 2012

Gymnastics Australia is proud to announce an immensely talented team of athletes who will represent Australia at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF) 2013.

Junior athletes from Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline Gymnastics will have the chance to compete against up and coming athletes from across the globe. AYOF provides a fantastic stepping stone for junior athletes, with Olympians such as Blake Gaudry and Emily Little having previously represented Australia at AYOF in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

The Australian Youth Olympic Festival is a prestigious international multisport event for junior athletes. Staged at the home of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the AYOF 2013 event will be the largest ever held, with athletes competing from 17 different nations. With the introduction of the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, the AYOF event is now staged once every four years.

Congratulations to the following athletes and coaches who have been selected to represent Australia at AYOF 2013:

Trampoline Gymnastics

Gymnasts Kira Ward New South Wales
  Jayden Cooney Western Australia
  Abbie Watts Western Australia
  Taylor Ellison New South Wales
  Claire Arthur South Australia
  Joshua Ibrahim New South Wales
  Hugh McConnell Tasmania
  Dominic Clarke New South Wales
  Aidan Collins Tasmania
  Lachlan Banham Queensland
  Blake Rutherford Queensland
Coaches Belinda Cox New South Wales
  Jarrod Heriot Victoria
  Ben Kelly Tasmania

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnastics James Bacueti Australian Capital Territory
  Scott Brooks Victoria
  Christopher Remkes South Australia
  Clay Stephens South Australia
  Robert Thornton Queensland
  Trenten Wan Queensland
Coaches John Curtin Queensland
  Sean Wilson Queensland
  Li Min Zou Australian Capital Territory
  Chen Wei Wan Victoria

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnasts Alexandra Eade Victoria
  Eliza Freeman Victoria
  Rhianna Mizzen Queensland
  Eden Tarvit Queensland
  Paige James Western Australia
  Darcy Norman Western Australia
  Brooke Callcott Western Australia
  Gillian Chan Western Australia
Reserves Franceska Fuchsia Western Australia
  Shannon Neate Queensland
Coaches Misha Barabach Victoria
  Vladimir Joura Queensland
  John Hart Victoria
  Nikolai Lapchine Western Australia
  Martinne George Western Australia

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gymnasts Anastasia Katharios New South Wales
  Michaela Whitehouse New South Wales
  Tara Wilkie New South Wales
  Marlee-Shae Holden Victoria
  Rhiannon Choe New South Wales
  Rachel Raskopoulos New South Wales
  Maya Bennett Queensland
  Tula Vuong New South Wales
Reserves Emma Chan New South Wales
  Zoe Bartholomeusz  Victoria
Coaches Danielle Leray  New South Wales
  Edith Peluso Queensland
  Emma Tankovich Victoria
  Jessica Veal New South Wales
  Anzelika Filipovic  New South Wales

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